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Day 10 - American Flag is a shield from the Heat and Sun

Day 10 of 167 -

I mentioned in a Statement with Congressmen in Washington DC in 2015, “This Flag provides protection.” I meant that literally. A high of 96 today. A high of 93 tomorrow. The heat radiates from the pavement too. I try to be done with all miles by early afternoon, but some days I go later.

My point is the American Flag provides protection and shade temporarily. I hid under the Flag many times in the brutal heat of Arizona and New Mexico in years past. And the Flag is an ever present signal to drivers a mile away that I’m a pedestrian with a Flag. They’ve all been courteous and make space.

By the 4th Run, I’ve been through it all before. A balance of sunscreen to not clog pores in order to sweat and cool and not heat stroke from overheating. The leggings act as a shield from bug bites and pebbles ricocheted from passing tires, etc. The Hat = a shield from the Sun some days.

The mosquitoes were out today too, but I was walking just fast enough to avoid them. Welcome to running across #America. 🇺🇸

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