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Day 2 of 167 - Dedicated to WWII Vet - Louis Hudson

Every day is dedicated to a different service member or veteran. Today for Louis Hudson - WWII paratrooper in Normandy - I met him 10 years ago on Run#2 San Francisco to Boston. God Bless our World War 2 Vets. #TheGreatestGeneration

Day 2 of 167 -

Today is dedicated to World War II Veteran Louis Hudson - one of the first American paratroopers from the 82nd or 101st Airborne Divisions in Normandy for Operation Overlord in 1944. I don’t know his title or rank, but I met him on my 2nd Run across USA in 2013 in Utah. God Bless our World War II Vets. They are few left today.

#Run4Revival #TheGreatestGeneration #WorldWarII

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