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Day 5 of 167 - Marysville to Monroe, WA - 21 Miles dedicated to Bowling Family

Day 5 of 167 -

21 Miles dedicated to the Bowling Family and their generations of military service to America.

Mike Bowling - 20 Years U.S Navy, E6, First Class Petty Officer

Debbie Bowling - 2 Years U.S. Navy, and current Auxiliary President of the local Ward Rooney Jr. Veterans of Foreign Wars (V.F.W.) Post 7511 Monroe

(Mike Bowling’s Father)

James Bowling - 4 Years U.S. Army, Private

(Mike Bowling’s Grandfather)

Harold Black, U.S. Navy, World War II, ABH2, Second Class Petty Officer, E5

( Debbie’s Father)

Roy served in the US Army in World War II

Last but not least, Mike and Debbie have a son Brandon - 5 Years United States Marine Corps, served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

May we express our gratitude for their generational commitment and military service to America. May God Bless the Bowling family.

- This family made my day. I am about to start the climb up the Cascade Mountain Range to Steven’s Point to 4000 feet elevation in next 72 hrs. In good health and good spirits. Minor ankle issue and sunburnt but charging on.

Lastly, the stakes just went up. I was given a challenge coin from both Mike and Brandon representing the U.S. Navy, and the U.S.M.C. to carry the remaining 3400 Miles to the Atlantic Ocean. Challenge accepted. On to Day 6! 🇺🇸

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