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Day 6 of 167 - Monroe to Gold Bar, WA - 15 Miles - Injury Update and Road Ramblings

Day 6 of 167 - Monroe to Gold Bar, WA

I have reached “The Gateway to the Cascades”.

I am exposed to the elements and weather for over 5 months straight. You can’t run from it. You can’t escape it. You have to adapt and minimize any injury or exposure. I always do. In this initial week, my body is in shock, but adapting.

I started at 180 lbs, I estimate I will weigh about 160 by the time I reach South Dakota.

A lot of Sun. Will soon turn to a golden tan. Only a moderate amount of sunscreen spray can be applied. It is a death wish if you clog your pores with lotion and prevent the sweat from escaping. You’ll overheat from the inside and have a heat stroke.

A similar scenario played out 10 years ago going into the Sierra Nevadas up to 8000 feet in the first 10 days on the #2 San Francisco to Boston Run.

Running across America is not for the faint of heart. It will beat you up and bring you to your knees if you let it. It is a dance. A delicate balance of steady forward motion, sometimes sprinting across a bridge after a long wait for traffic, constant attention to the vehicles every mile, making sure you’re hydrated and fed and rested.

Majority of drivers are all courteous and wave and honk at the Flag.

But a very ideal first week so far. Getting stronger and faster. A minor left ankle soreness.

This 4th Run comes with over 10,000 miles of wear and tear from life, and the previous 3 USA Runs 2011, 2013, 2015, and Ireland.

My left hip, left knee, and left ankle are already naturally compromised and weaker from walking against traffic on the left side of the road in previous Runs. I wear a left knee brace, and just added a left ankle brace.

In good spirits, in great health over all.

Over 100 miles in, 3400 approx. remain.

And…some pretty big events coming very soon to the Run for Revival which I can’t make public yet. A proper tribute to the American Military.

Enjoying every second of this American finale. It’s all led up to this. I’d like to walk away from the Road with a Grand Slam after the first 3 Home Runs.

For more information, to watch the documentary preview, or to buy a commemorative T-Shirt or Trucker Hat, or if you want to donate directly to helping me survive the next 161 days, there is a Venmo and GoFundMe, visit:

I’ll be making a public announcement soon for Spokane.

And I am in contact with some non-profit military and Veterans organizations, exploring opportunities to help honor the American Military.

Thanks for the support.


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