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Day 7 of 167 - Gold Bar to Skykomish, 20 Miles dedicated to US Veteran James Knisley

Day 7 of 167 - Gold Bar to Skykomish, WA - 20 Miles

Introducing James Knisley - the Fire Chief for Fire District 50 in Skykomish - King County. James is a 20 Year Veteran of the Washington Air National Guard and has served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom. Thank you for your dedication and military service to the United States , and continuing your commitment to the American People and serving the Washington communities today. Day 7 and 20 Miles is dedicated to you.

God Bless our Firefighters and our US military Veterans. I have been chatting with James and others at the Sheriff and Fire Depts for advice through the Cascades. A pleasure meeting his wife Becky and their dog Otis. They made sure I had a safe place to sleep and food and drinks to replenish. Thank you James and Becky.

(James surprised me with a U.S. National Guard Challenge Coin at the end. I was caught off guard. I am humbled and grateful)

And some photos from the Road today.

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