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Day 9 of 167 - Dedicated to USMC Vietnam Vet Robert - and some thoughts from the Northwest Forests

Day 9 of 167 - 20 miles Stevens Pass to Coles Corner

#1 - I had a Vietnam Vet USMC named Robert pull over mid day as I was descending from Stevens Pass. He just said a simple thank you after inquiring what I was doing. He was on a road trip with who I assumed was his adult daughter and grandchildren. Today’s 20 miles are dedicated to Robert. He politely declined to take a picture.

#2 - Walking downhill is just that - a walk. Can’t let the stroller and Flag slip away, and can’t have it attached to me in any way if it does.

#3 - The more cars on the road, the better for me. The forest animals tend to shy away from the road and vehicles. Bears in the northwest recently came out of hibernation after Winter. And are hungry. There are some spans of minutes when it’s just me and the forest on each side. I can hear twigs snapping way off and things running. Can get uneasy.

#4 - I am on pace to hit my projected dates in major cities. The Mayor of Spokane, media, and others will be joining me on June 17 at 10AM for a statement and community coming together to honor the local American Military members and Veterans in attendance at the Veterans Memorial Arena, 720 W Mallon Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

#5 - In good spirits, body is accepting the 20 milers as a walk/run. I have a slightly twisted pelvis from the previous 3 Runs. So some left hip pain (I’m so used to it for years that it’s normal - but gets painful sometimes.

#6 - I have over 10,000 miles wear and tear going into Run 4 hence the reason for a grande finale - final USA run to say Thank You to the American Military. 3 of my 4 grandparents came here 100 years ago from their respective countries in search of a new life and opportunities in America. And here I am as a recipient of their hard work and American Dream.

All avoided a different reality with WW1 and WW2 events in the countries they emigrated from.

#7 - I will meet my 2nd cousin Jamie for the first time in Spokane next weekend. She is actually helping plan some of the events.

#8 - I am already a month ahead planning scenarios for Bozeman and Montana and Rapid City. Always helpful to have contacts to the elected officials and city and sheriffs and fire, etc.

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